Friday, March 29, 2013

Unapologetic Me

I love me with the sags.
I love me with the stretch marks.
I love me with dark circles.
I love me with frizzy hair.  
I love me with pale skin.
I love me with love handles.
I love me with back rolls.
I love me when I'm menstruating.
I love me when I'm lactating.
I love me with body hair. 
I love me when my hands are dirty.
I love me with belly fat.
I love that my body can give life.
I love that I can sustain life.
I love me when I eat.
I love me when I'm sick.
I love me for me.
Who I am goes deeper than my skin.

I'm confident.
I'm artistic.
I'm intelligent.
I'm creative.
I'm imaginative.
I'm logical.
I'm kind.
I'm articulate.
I'm ambitious.
I'm empowering.
I'm soulful.
I'm funny.
I'm daring.
I'm charming.
I'm thoughtful.
I'm generous.

And I'm unapologetic for being me.
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  1. LOVE!! You are beautiful. :)

  2. I'm the one who commented on your SOAM post :) Followed you over here! Again, lovely! You are beautiful! Your pictures reminded me of a post I did 3 years ago

  3. You're amazing.. Move closer so we can be friends.